What Our Clients Have To Say…


"Coaching helped me get in touch with what is in my SOUL!!!
Sharon (Nov 2017)

"I found coaching extremely helpful in a lot of ways, from dealing with anxiety at work to delegation and safety.  I really appreciated how the coaching sessions were geared towards the participant being led to and coming up with their own understanding and action points."
Rohan (May 2017)

Hard conversations can indeed be really hard at times and the outcome unpredictable.  Add to that how prone we are to go by our own judgements and emotions that we may leave out important bits of the whole process.  The Hard Conversations workshop deconstructed the whole process into 4 simple steps, allowing the initiator to examine their own assumptions and motives before moving ahead.  Thank you for the learning!
Karan (Sept 2016)

"During the Coaching Workshop I really appreciated that every participant learns the coaching model, not just theoretically but in practicality too, providing an environment where we can learn from our mistakes (during the practical coach - coachee sessions).  This is an integral part of the workshop."
Nidish (March 2016)

"In my language learning I had hit a point of losing motivation to keep moving forward. These coaching sessions allowed me the chance to have some accountability and the encouragement to keep taking steps forward. I'm very appreciative of the opportunity to have received this coaching."

"I am so grateful for the help through coaching. In just 4 sessions over 2 months...

  1. Searching questions prompted conversations at a deep personal level,
  2. Old resentments and negative attitudes were unearthed and resolved as barriers of my mind were explored,
  3. Practical action steps were set and I was held accountable,
  4. Encouraging progress was made in two key areas where I wanted help.

I wish I had help like this years ago!  I can heartily recommend coaching."

"Oh my gosh!  How can I truly say thank you with enough emphasis on coaching me last time!  Deciding to try this experiment was the best decision EVER!!  I'm so much less overwhelmed by the thought of tomorrow with all my work planned."