How to Have Hard Conversations WELL

For many of us there is often a gap between knowing WHAT we need to do and knowing HOW to do it.  Having hard conversations is one of those areas where many of us struggle to close that gap.  Yet having hard conversations is a crucial part of leadership and life - whether it be a clarifying conversation, the need to be vulnerable or resolving conflict.  It is through hard conversations done well that we grow trust and develop richer and more meaningful relationships.  This five hour workshop provides very practical steps in preparing for and having hard conversations well.

Coaching Skills

Effective leaders ask powerful questions, listen well, seek to truly understand, and empower those they lead to discover and achieve their outcomes. A one day training can help to learn these essential leadership skills within a framework that results in people feeling empowered and supported, with momentum to move forward. Adding coaching skills to the toolbox of your key people will make a powerful difference to the way they lead within your organisation.

Smart Phone Best Practices

We love our phones - they are our clock, camera, source of news, social connection - our link to the world!  They empower us and for most of us have become an important part of our daily lives.   Yet there is a downside!  We are living in an age of distraction where we are loosing our ability to do deep work and are expected to be available 24/7.  Our phones are effecting our ability to work deeply, and research shows that they are hampering our ability to think and problem solve, and are impacting our social interactions.  This important workshop will help you and your team to think through best practices for cell phone use that maximize the benefits of the technology, using them to your advantage.

Quality Meetings

Consider how many hours you spend in meetings and times that by the number of people present - that's a lot of work time! 

"A manager's ability to turn meetings into a positive thinking environment is probably an organisation's greatest asset."
Nancy Kline

Many of us are highly trained in our area of professional expertise, but few of us are trained in how to lead meetings well, to maximize the effectiveness and to ensure a quality meeting results.  This workshop will provide you with simple and practical tools to chair a great meeting and to enhance the thinking and outcomes for the group. 

Building Trust & Becoming a Trustworthy Leader

Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship and trust is the foundation of great leadership!  But building and maintaining trust takes effort and nurture, it doesn't just happen.  We often recognize when trust has been broken or is absent, but often we don't have the tools to build or rebuild trust.  This workshop will help you to identify the key elements in building and maintaining trust and consider how to apply them in your leadership.

Transition Coaching

It is said that ‘if you leave right you enter right’.   Whether preparing for an overseas assignment or returning to your passport culture, a healthy departure is crucial for transitioning well into your new location.  Transition coaching provides the valuable support you need during this crucial time for you and your family.

Language Learning Coaching

Challenging, frustrating, demanding and satisfying are all words that can describe language learning.  As your brain wrestles with a new language in a new cultural setting, the support of a coach can keep you focused and on track to reach your communication goals.