Why does Connection Matter so Much?

Henry Cloud's book Boundaries for Leaders continues to provide much food for thought.  A few quotes from the chapter 'Power Through Connection'.

Why does connection matter so much in performance?  And how can leaders create it and enhance it?

Our brains need positive relationship to grow and function well.

Creating an environment that allows for vulnerability and high levels of trust builds connection.

To connect with you, I need to be aware of you and what you are dealing with, and you with me.

When people feel like they are out of the loop, the seeds of disconnection are sown. 

Create a climate where problems and issues get shared and solved through the team's engagement with one another.

When people can go into the hard stuff and begin to talk about what they are experiencing, the power of relationships to transform those states of fear into courage, or anger into resolution, is a truly wonderful thing.

In good relationships, where the connections are deep and trusting, long-lasting damage doesn't have to be a side effect of honesty and conflict.  Misunderstandings are short-term, feelings aren't hurt, and even when the situation needs to get fixed, apologies, humility, and humor come swiftly and easily. 

Before you try to move people to your position,make sure they feel that you understand where they are coming from, what they are feeling, and what they are dealing with.

Questions to Ask: In what ways are your team and organization showing disconnection?  What kind of meetings do you currently have?  Do they foster connection?