Feed Forward!

Feed forward seems less scary and more positive than feedback. The idea of feed forward was introduced to me by Marshall Goldsmith in his book 'What got you here won't get you there'.  I like that it is future looking and practical.

In summary there are 4 simple steps to feed forward:-

  1. Pick the behavior you would like to change,
  2. Describe this objective in conversation with anyone you meet,
  3. Ask that person for two suggestions that might help you achieve positive change in your selected behavior,
  4. Listen attentively to their suggestions and reply only with a 'thank you'. (Do not add ' but' or 'however'!)

Feed Forward - Ask for ideas, listen, say thank you!

Maybe your behavior change is to become a better listener.  You may ask, "would you suggest two ideas that I can implement in the future to help me become a better listener?"

Perhaps you would like to become better at leading team meetings.  You might ask, "would you suggest two ideas that I can implement to help me better lead meetings?"

Feed forward focuses on solutions rather than problems, it is forward looking rather than focusing on the past, it helps you to gather ideas for future change.

There still maybe a disconnect between knowing what to do and changing, but feed forward shows others that you are serious about wanting to grow.  With your support team of coaches and mentors, you are in a strong position to implement your feed forward ideas.

Question to Ponder:- What behavior would you like to change that would make a significant positive difference in your life? 

Why not give feed forward a try!