The Number 1 Indicator of Growth

'The number one indicator that I have found that reveals a person's character is oriented toward growth is the spending of two concrete resources: time and money.' (Henry Cloud, Integrity)

We may indeed have a desire to grow, but do we commit our time and resources to actually making it happen? Do our actions truly reflect a growth mindset? According to Henry Cloud, these two indicators are the litmus test!  Whether it be personally or in our business, the money we commit in our budget, and time set aside in our schedule, indicates the true reality of our growth mindset.

If growth really is a priority, then it will not wait until we are 'less busy' and have 'more time', we will make time!  We will plan training and build growth structures into our lives.  This is a challenge for me personally.  I do create growth structures in my life but not as intentionally and as planned as would be beneficial. 

Recently I met a leader of an NGO who was given the responsibility when his boss unexpectedly stood down.  He felt ill-equipped, but he decided to create a plan to read 6 of the top leadership books within his first 6 months on the job.  He stated that it was one of the best growth periods of his life.

Question to Ponder: What action do you need to take to truly invest in growth? How much time and money are you willing to commit?