Keep It Simple

I'm all for not over complicating leadership.  Sometimes as leaders we may have grand ideas and yet miss the obvious.  Recently while having a casual conversation with a friend, I heard her mention three things that are absent in the leadership of her group that could make a significant difference.  They are not complicated.  She shared...

  • No one from leadership has called me in the last four years to touch base and see how my small group is going. 
  • No resources or training have been given to build into us as a small group leaders.
  • The leaders don't seem to be committed to attending the small groups, they don't model what they expect of others.

Connecting, resourcing and modelling was what my friend was hoping and expecting the leadership to provide.  These three simple concepts should be present in the leadership of any organisation.  While my friend was talking about her Church, the absence of these principles, in any group, leaves people wondering how committed the leadership really are to its people and purposes.

As you think about the groups you are involved in, whether they be a large corporation or a small charity, how does your leadership rate as far as knowing where your people are at, providing the resources for growth, and modeling what you expect in others?