Accountability - Why Do We Resist It?

Within two weeks I was involved in four separate conversations on the issue of accountability.  In all four cases a lack of accountability was resulting in negative actions and far reaching consequences.

It seems that our human nature resists accountability, we see it as an undesirable concept.  Yet for our own personal growth and development, surely it is an essential element to build into our lives. 

Perhaps our negative association with accountability results from bad experiences in the past.  We have not seen accountability modeled in away that has been healthy and fruitful.  Rather it has been a legalistic, checking up and measuring up type way of relating.

Or is it that we prefer to hide behind masks that pretend we have it all together?  Is our fear of what people may think of us causing us to resist being accountable to others?  Where do culture and shame factor in here?

While formal structures may impose accountability, we can still resist and hide within these.  True accountability must be a choice, of giving others permission to speak into our lives, allowing others to ask us the hard questions.  It is inviting people we trust to come alongside and encourage us towards growth and wholeness.  A growth mindset would surely desire such accountability.

One important aspect of coaching is that it builds accountability into a safe, supportive environment.  Coaching clients recognize that for personal growth, accountability is necessary and therefore they give their coach permission to hold them accountable. 

But this is a big topic and in order to learn more I have started reading a book called 'Crucial Accountability - Tools for Resolving violated Expectations, Broken Commitments, and Bad Behavior'.  I look forward to sharing with you what I learn!

Question to Ponder:- When have you seen accountability modeled well?  Do you naturally resist or embrace accountability?