Leadership is Personal

'Great institutions are not managed; they are led.  They are not administered; they are driven to ever-increasing levels of accomplishment by individuals who are passionate about winning'.

'Personal leadership is about visibility - with all members of the institution.  Great CEOs roll up their sleeves and tackle problems personally.  They don't hide behind staff.  They never simply preside over the work of others.  They are visible every day with customers, suppliers and business partners.'

'Personal leadership is about communication, openness, and a willingness to speak often and honestly,and with respect for the intelligence of the reader or listener.  Leaders don't hide behind corporate double-speak.  They don't leave to others the delivery of bad news. They treat every employee as someone who deserves to understand what's going on in the enterprise.'

'Most of all, personal leadership is about passion.  All great business executives - CEOs and their subordinates - have passion and show it, live it and love it.'

'The passion exhibited by true leaders is not a substitute for good thinking or good people or good execution.  Rather, it is the electricity that courses through a well made machine that makes it run, makes it hum, makes it want to run harder and better.'

Some great quotes and food for thought written by Louis V Gerstner, Jr, in 'Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?'