Time to Think

Time to Think by Nancy Kline is on my 'must read' book list for leaders.  These profound but practical philosophies around listening well and raising the level of thinking for your team will be a game changer in the way you lead.  A few quotes to wet your appetite...

"The quality of a person's attention determines the quality of other people's thinking."

"We were fascinated to discover that when someone in your presence is trying to think, much of what you are hearing or seeing is your effect on them."

"Create a particular environment and people will think for themselves.  It is that simple."

"The quality of our attention and of the incisive questions we ask can become just the way life is."

The book unpacks how factors like equality, ease, listening with respect, appreciation, allowing sufficient emotion and communicating that people matter, make a profound difference in raising the quality of thinking of those around you.  In an age where many of our staff and all of our leadership are knowledge workers, working on the quality of thinking is crucial.

So if "the quality of your attention determines the quality of people's thinking", there is much you can do to contribute positively to the thinking of your team.  I wonder how your team would rate your quality of attention now.  This book is an easy read with very practical application.  It has changed the way I relate with those I lead and coach.  It will do the same for you!