The Checklist Manifesto


If creating efficiencies, improving work systems and reducing significant errors is part of your job, or the way you think, this book is for you!  It is a fascinating read, well written and full of practical and interesting stories. 

Atul Gawande, who is a surgeon, uses examples from medicine, finance, construction and aviation to build a strong case for the importance of short, helpful checklists to standardize operations and eliminate crucial errors that can have life and death consequences.  He advocates that a brief but well written checklist is a tool that embraces a culture of discipline and teamwork; the discipline of following prudent procedure.  The checklist is an aid that should enhance operations, workflow and communication.

He is transparent about his own journey of skepticism and blunders when it comes to checklists.  But he goes on to share the impact that it has made in his operating theater and for his patients and staff.  He gives many interesting and well researched stories, from a variety of industries, about how checklists have raised the bar towards excellence and reduced errors, even saving lives.

The applications from this book are simple and powerful, and it is an enjoyable read.  I recommend you add it to your reading list!